Listen To New NECRONOMICON Song ‘Paradise Lost’

Listen To New NECRONOMICON Song 'Paradise Lost'

Canadian blackened death horde NECRONOMICON has released “Paradise Lost”, the first single from its upcoming album, “Unus”.

NECRONOMICON vocalist/guitarist Rob The Witch comments on the song’s concept, “It’s not what we gain in this life, but what we have lost as living beings that lost their way in conforming against our true nature to fit in a world that in reality is just an illusion.”

“Unus” is due on October 18 via Season Of Mist.

Track listing:

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01. From Ashes into Flesh (04:23)

02. Infinitum Continuum (05:27)

03. Paradise Lost (04:55)

04. The Price Of A Soul (01:56)

05. Singularis Dominus (04:50)

06. The Thousand Masks (03:20)

07. Ascending The Throne Of Baator (04:54)

08. Fhtagn (01:59)

09. Cursed MMXIX (04:13)

10. Vox Draconis (04:13)

Total playing time: 0:40:10

With each record NECRONOMICON has created in the span of its 31-year career, the band has steadily evolved in both sound and power; “Unus” is no exception.

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft‘s legendary grimoire, NECRONOMICON formed in 1988 by founding guitarist and singer Rob “The Witch” in the deep, northern part of Canadian province Quebec, Fjord of Saguenay. Since then, the band has carefully released each full-length without haste, allowing it to perfect every nuance before unleashing its sonic assaults upon the masses.

“Unus” is a searing cacophony of blistering riffs, machine-like drums, and a symphonic ambience, culminating in a sound that calls to various metal icons such as DIMMU BORGIR, SEPTICFLESH, BEHEMOTH and DEICIDE. The record combines the furious elements of death metal with the orchestral prowess of black metal, creating the perfect synthesis of both genres. Standout tracks like “Paradise Lost” and “Singularis Dominus” only solidify NECRONOMICON‘s ability to continuously produce high quality metal that’s just as dark and brutal as it is elegant.

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