Emergency Tiara: Finding Joy in Isolation

As 2020 comes to an end and you think about your goals for next year, we’ve been thinking about how musicians have worked on moving their careers forward during the time of COVID-19. We reached out to a few different independent bands and artists to find out more about life as a performer during a global pandemic. This week we had the pleasure of chatting with artist Emergency Tiara about her experience and career.

Emergency Tiara grew up in Tokyo, Japan and carries that influence with her in her artistry. She blends her classically trained vocals with pop and beach rock synths. This unique sound and style have taken the eyes of Chanel, Christian Dior, and Alice+Olivia. Emergency Tiara brings out her pop brilliance and cool beach nuances in her music and style. Here we have Emergency Tiara talking about her experience and music trajectory during Covid-19.

Has COVID-19 changed your perspective on making music?

It did! Before the pandemic, I had the luxury to go into the studio with my sass boys to jam to figure out the arrangement and productions. Now we cannot do that safely so my writing partner and I started to create a ‘mini track’ first to write a song instead of writing from melody/lyrics/chords and it’s been opening up so many new doors and I am absolutely excited to share all of the new songs with everyone!

Even though recording circumstances have changed for you, how have you been connecting with fans during COVID-19?

I have been! Not as much as a “group” but I’ve gotten to know so many fans through DMs!!!!! Thank you technology for helping us stay connected!

What platforms have you used to reach out to fans, have you learned any tricks with streaming, and have you been able to increase engagement? Have you run into stream fatigue?

I am mainly using Instagram to stay connected with my fans! I have tried one IG LIVE performance but for someone who is not so tech savvy AT ALL, it’s been a real challenge to even log into a zoom meeting. lol But I am absolutely loving receiving lots of DMs and getting to know my fans more!

Career wise, how are you planning out 2021? What hurdles do you expect and what goals have you set for yourself?

I will continue to release music online and hopefully get back to performances once it’s warm out in New York! I also am planning on sharing how I build my team around my music and some of our behind the scene stories by introducing my team members on IG LIVE!

Can you tell us your inspiration behind your newest single, “Dancing in the Living Room?”

This is my quarantune! I was drunk and dancing in my living room earlier during quarantine and I was having so much fun! SO I wanted to write a song to share the joy of dancing and sweating with everyone even if it’s a party for one situation!!!! Hopefully you can dance in your living room with me.

I think in some way we all had some kind of quarantune. Do you have any advice for other independent musicians right now?

It’s especially a tough time for us independent artists but at the same time, we have technology to stay connected and continue creating remotely so let’s stay in touch and be each other’s support system! We can go through this together.

Who has influenced the way you make music most?

I cannot think of a person but Japanese culture definitely taught me a beauty of teamwork, collaborations and corporations that I love making ET music with my ET family a lot more than alone in my bedroom: )

As our final note, If you could give any piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Your sensitivity is your strength, not weakness! So be still and feel everything.

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