Bandcamp Announces Vinyl Pressing Service for Artists

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Bandcamp, a website dedicated to artists selling music and merchandise have just announced a new vinyl pressing service. Artists will soon be able to offer vinyl record versions of their albums to their fans with no out of pocket costs. Funding for the vinyl record service will be based around the fans orders virtually eliminating the hassles of pressing vinyl records on your own. Bandcamp states that only 9% of albums available on their platform offer a vinyl version and that there has been a 600% growth on the sale of vinyl records in the last 5 years. Bandcamp aims to have the service live by the end of 2019. Want to read more about the Vinyl Record Pressing service? Click here to read the official statement.

I’ve been swearing by Bandcamp for years as one of the best avenues for distributing music, this is just another reason to praise them. So what does this mean for us artists looking to get into pressing vinyl records? Below is a list of some of the benefits.

  • It reduces the risk of loss with pressing records own your own.
  • You can skip pressing CD’s and just go strictly Digital and Vinyl.
  • Not have to factor in pressing costs into the budget for your album or EP (Extended Play).
  • A new merch item you can sell online and at shows.
  • Gives fans another reason to purchase your music!

What are your thoughts on Bandcamp offering a vinyl pressing services? Leave your comments below.

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