Spotify Block Feature: 3 Reasons why it benefits artists

Spotify recently issued an update that allows its users to block artists from automatically playing in playlists, charts, radio, or user’s personal library. The Spotify block feature or “Don’t play this artist” feature can be toggled on or off from each artist’s page. Once the artist is blocked Spotify will prevent songs by the artist from being played. Currently this feature is only available for mobile devices.

With the growing library of music on the platform, this can pose some concerns with standing out. In this article I’m going to discuss 3 Reasons why the block feature benefits artists.

Don't play this artist screenshot
“Don’t play this artist” feature

1: Block the people who don’t want to hear you

Let’s say you’re a kid trying to make new friends and things are going well. But, there’s one kid who doesn’t like you and wants nothing to do with you. Question is “Do you continue trying to be their friend?” Why put the effort into becoming someone’s friend when they don’t like you?

These friends are your “fans”, they’re the ones who will stick with you no matter what. They truly want to listen to your music and will help boost your play count. When it comes to ad targeting and trying to find a new fan base, you want to aim for a specific demographic. The kid who doesn’t like you is more of the “shotgun method” of advertising where you’re trying to get anyone to listen to your music.

2: It’ll help increase royalties

Boosting your streams and royalties on Spotify is one of the more important aspects of being an artist on Spotify. It’s also one of the most difficult tasks to achieve with an average payout of $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream. When you’re losing the people that don’t want to hear your music, you’re focusing on the target audience that does.

3: You can block Nickelback

This applies to everyone really but let’s face it, Nickleback is one of the most disliked bands in the world, any opportunity we have to block them is great. Sorry guys.

In Conclusion

I personally won’t be using the Spotify block feature as I like to hear new artists after an album finishes. However, for those of you who really don’t want to hear a particular band that keeps getting played, you’re in luck.

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