4 More Music Industry Podcasts You Should Be Listening to Right Now

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Not too long ago, I published an article on some of the best music business podcasts. Prior to delving into things, I hadn’t realized there were just so many – and quite a few of them very good. I just didn’t have room to get it all into one bite-sized post. So now, I present an additional list of four great music business podcasts you may not have heard of!

Lennon Cihak has a lot in common with the average listener: He, too, is trying to climb up the music business ladder one rung at a time. Don’t assume he doesn’t have any insight to give, however – Lennon has worked in PR and music distribution as well as at places like EARMILK, Digital Music News, and EDM.com. Past guests have included Matt Harris (Kelly Clarkson, Logic), artist mentor Judy Stakee (Sheryl Crow, Katy Perry), and Diane Vadnal (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen).

Chris Goyzueta, a booking agent, concert promoter, and manager, takes a slightly different tack for his podcast. The focus is not on inking a six-figure record deal, having a platinum album, or winning a Grammy. By putting the spotlight on artists and creatives who are doing what they love – some may be household names, others may not be – the podcast redefines what “making it” really means in the modern music industry. For some, simply getting paid to do what you love full time is success in and of itself. Past topics have included The Path to Being A Profitable Independent Musician, Branding For Musicians, and Finding Motivation.

This music industry has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. With labels and radio on the decline, there are fewer serious gatekeepers – this has led to the rise of the independent musician. The upside is, artists can bring their music directly to the fans. The downside is, they need to do all of this on their own without the help of a big label machine.

This podcast aims to help those DIY musicians with a focus on things like promotion, marketing, and musical skills. The host, Kevin Breuner, is a Grammy-nominated artist and songwriter, working both with CDBaby as well as on his own projects. Past topics include Band Names, How To Find A Producer, and Marketing.

If a big-time music manager offered you advice, you’d probably listen right? That’s pretty much what you get in this podcast. Hosted by Rick Barker (former manager of Taylor Swift, consultant with Sony Records), this podcast brings great music industry wisdom right to your listening device.

Rick is a down-to-earth and humble guy who views himself as a music industry observer – he is passionate about helping indie artists navigate an often confusing industry. With this in mind, Rick brings in some of the best in the industry to share their wisdom. Topics range from the psychological (What’s Holding You Back) to the nuts and bolts (Music Publishing Simplified).

Music industry podcasts are a great way to bone up on your chosen profession while doing something else (like sitting in traffic or washing dishes). Some of these podcasts may resonate with you, and some may not, but give them a try. And if you don’t like you what you hear, find something else that speaks to you. It’s vital you get a deep knowledge about your chosen industry, though – whether that’s books, podcasts, seminars, or a combination of all three. Happy listening!

Daniel Reifsnyder is a Nashville-based, Grammy-nominated songwriter, having started his musical journey at the age of three. In addition to being an accomplished commercial actor, his voice can be heard on The Magic School Bus theme song and in Home Alone 2. Throughout his career, he has had the honor of working with the likes of Michael Jackson and Little Richard among many others. He is a regular contributor to several music-related blogs, including his own.

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