It’s Oh So Quiet

We’re sorry we’ve been a bit quiet lately with adding new posts. There has been a lot going on in Dad’s life. Because of that; it’s taking time away from maintaining the website. I’m a one-person operation so trying to find the time in-between a full-time job, traffic, recording a new EP, going to college, and achieving a dream of building a PC can be challenging. To ensure more content is added consistently; if you wish to write for The Band Dad please feel free to Contact Us. Who knows? If your post does well and we get some income from the ads, we’ll get you a cut of the profits.

Over the next 8 weeks there will be additional time on my end to add even more articles. Including an article on Why you should invest in stage lighting; which has been in development for quite some time. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, her’s a video of Björk’s “It’s Oh So Quiet” and feel free to add The Band Dad on Facebook and Twitter.

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